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Rules & Guidelines


  • **Please Read COVID-19 Guidelines**
  • You must secure a court through the Court Reserve online platform (see below).
  • Members must register any and all guests onlie and pay the appropriate guest fee(s) ($5.00). Those inside a 25-mile radius may play as guests only once per week.
  • Relinquish your court promptly when being 'bumped' by the next group.
  • Please repair any major breaks in the clay court surface after the point is finished
  • Courts are open 8 AM until 10 PM (9 PM in the Winter months).
  • PROPER ATTIRE. Appropriate tennis wear is required at all times on our courts. Bathing suits or cut off jeans are not allowed. Tennis players must wear appropriate tennis sandals or street shoes allowed nor is playing barefoot. Smooth soled shoes only on the clay courts. Shirts must be worn at all times on 7 Oaks tennis courts.
  • Team matches, tournaments, group lessons and special events sponsored by the Club will have priority on the courts. Adults have priority on the soft courts at all times. Juniors have equal priority on hard courts, including the winter months when the clay courts are unplayable. A junior playing with an adult has equal priority to an "an-adult" match.
  • Doubles and singles play is limited to one and one half hours when players are waiting. Please "bump' with courtesy.
  • NO UNATTENDED CHILDREN ON OR AROUND THE TENNIS COURTS. The deck is not a day care area.. Parents must plan accordingly to maintain a tennis atmosphere at our club.
  • NO PETS ON SEVEN OAKS PROPERTY. Yes you have the cutest and best behaved one in the world, but leave it at home, please..
  • NO WHEELS OF ANY TYPE ON OR AROUND THE TENNIS COURTS. The use of skateboards, scooters, roller skates, in-line skates, bicycles, tricycles, etc. is not allowed..
  • Only the Seven Oaks pros may teach on our courts. Only members may take lessons on Seven Oaks courts.
  • Members are asked to limit their practice to one "carry" basket of balls, and to use only six balls if the adjacent court is being used.

Team Formation

Seven Oaks tennis teams playing: USTA, World Team Tennis, Triangle, Capital City, and RATL leagues will be formed by a captain. Adult Teams are not formed by the Professional Staff. Junior teams however, will be formed by the staff and grouped according to ability.

*NEW*(as of 12/12/20)
2021 USTA League policy (pdf)

Court Reserve

*NEW*(as of 12/12/20)
Reservation Policy (pdf)

We believe this platform will help us continue to improve our tennis operations at Seven Oaks, as well as your membership experience. If you have not created your account yet, please to so at your earliest convenience.
All members are required to have an account in order to play tennis at Seven Oaks.

(Please Note: the Court Reserve app & software are not part of our website and was setup and is maintained by Paulo & Kaitlin. Please call the pro shop or email Tennis Customer Support with questions or problems.)

For more information on how to sign up or questions you may have, please see below:

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